jack bevan ruined my life

the senioritis is rlly kicking in……

apparently i just lost leg weight doing nothing and none of my pants fit me right anymore :-//

Nykhor Paul backstage @ Antonio Marras F/W 2014


get a job you hippies


get a job you hippies



u kno??? 2014

Patricia Alvarado

omfg I just found out that these pieces r gonna be in a show in Portland next month along with my “thinking about wanting to be white in 2008 in 2013” video diptych installation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TITE!!!!!!!!!

i really do wish there were a teen movie/character i could relate to but no people keep on making movies about white people


i have so many problems with movies about teens in america. i absolutely hate american youth culture/whatever you want to call it. they show teens in america doing drugs and drinking in middle school??? i know that in some parts of america this is real, but showing that stuff on film is just fulling the fire. other kids see this and they think… “that’s what i should be doing right now… this will make me cool” … im so tired of this bullshit. im so tired of all of these teen romances and kids having relationships. I KNOW THIS HAPPENS! and i know there’s nothing wrong with this, but why can’t there be ONE fucking movie about a POC… or about a teen that doesn’t drink/smoke… or about a someone that didn’t have a relationship in high school… OR ABOUT SOMEONE OVERWEIGHT! im so fucking tired of these movies portraying drugs/drinking/romance as the only thing that there is in life…. my life in high school was so fucking boring, but why cant they make a movie about this… idk im so bitter. i hate movies like palo alto and boyhood bc they only appeal to the white demographic of america. seriously how many of you ppl went to big fucking parties like they do in palo alto? how many of you started drinking/smoking in middle school…. im sure a lot of you did, but a lot of us didn’t as well. there’s also some people that didn’t start doing this until they were out of high school… why does no one talk about that? fuck the fact that they portray these things in movies as if it was the only things teens do… they glamorize it and romanticize it. honestly newsflash but a grand majority of this fucking nation is not white. im so tired of this white dominated industry. i absolutely hate the american culture. i hate it. 

i wish i was friends with u guys in real life

The Scottish actor kicked the door open to fame. If you don’t love him, that’s your loss. (x)


when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings