jack bevan ruined my life

SPEAKING OF EMBARRASSING MOMENTS when we were in kyoto we were at the train station and it was pouring and me and some other people didn’t have umbrellas so we planned to run to a covered area and halfway through i heard someone go, “priya! your phone!” and i realized my phone fell out of my pocket so i turned around (too fast) and then i slipped and fell and somehow ended up on my stomach in front of around 60-70 random strangers

im pretty sure i brushed against a car as i was coming out of my parking space and some guy saw me hahaha i want to crawl in a hole


Mist and Morning by Shen Yuan Hsieh

Vampire Weekend at the Outer Harbour

i got a bunch of cds from tower records in japan and all of them have japanese lyric booklets omfg

details to die for
↳ valentino f/w ‘13-14 | dresses [I/II]

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